Tandem Marriage
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Are you guys writing a book any time soon?[+]

    We are so glad you’ve asked!
    Actually, there are two book projects we are currently working on. One of them (coming soon) is an ebook for our email subscribers. And the other book is going to be a surprise. All we can say is that you have never seen a marriage book like this before. NEVER!

  2. Do you really answer personal emails?[+]

    Yes, we really do.
    Every time we can help one couple with their marriage question, we are really helping hundreds more. There is very little chance that you are the first couple to ever have your particular question about marriage. So, when you take the time to ask and we take the time to answer, it helps others before they ask. We will usually post answers in the form of a blog post—without the personal details, of course!

  3. Why do you do this for free?[+]

    Short answer: Because we are passionate about marriage.
    Long answer: Because we have both retired from very successful careers and now we can do what we truly love to do, not what we have to do. And this is what we love to do!