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Our marriage coaching schedule is full at this time — unless we have already spoken.

We hope to have more availability soon, but for now, we are working as much as we are comfortable with.

Consider vising our START page where you will find additional helpful resources. In other words, Marriage Coaching with us is not the only option, there are other ways to pour into your marriage until our schedule frees up. CLICK HERE for our START PAGE.

Marriage Coaching with Brad & Tami Miller

Marriage Coaching with us is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

FIRST - Read through this FAQ section to learn a bit more. Click on the questions below to see the answers to them.
SECOND - Fill out the inquiry form below to see if we are a good fit for each other.
THIRD - Start imagining the ways you will enjoy a healthier marriage!

Thanks for your interest in our ability to help couples like you to thrive.

Helping you to enjoy your ride through life together,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About Coaching
Answered by Brad & Tami
(click on any heading for more info)

Want to know if we (Brad & Tami) can help your marriage thrive?

1. How do I know that Brad & Tami can understand and handle my marriage challenges?
We know how you feel.

You feel tired of working
so hard on your marriage with little or no positive change. You certainly want something to change, but you aren't sure what needs to change, and you may not have the energy to change it if you were to know what needs to change.

You think, "Where did this all begin to go off track and down this lonely and difficult road?" And, "What if we can never get back to where we should be?"

We know how you feel for two reasons:
First, we have been there too. We had to work hard to discover bad relational habits, unlearn what we thought was true, and roll up our sleeves to do the work — because getting our marriage in a better place was what was best for us, our kids, our community, and most of all as image bearers of God.
Second, we have used those skills and many more for over 25 years to help other couples climb out of the "life-draining pit of an unhealthy marriage" into a much better place.

This means:
1. We have proven to ourselves and those around us that we can have a great marriage.
2. We have helped hundreds of other couples do the same.
3. We can help you too. We can help, and we will help!

Keep in mind that the two of us have a "statistical disadvantage" when it comes to being married. This is because all of the statistics that factor in family of origin research say the two of us should no longer be married, let alone happily married, yet we beat those odds. And, if we can do it, then you can do it too, and we can show you how.

Between the two of us, we have backgrounds in clinical psychology, pastoral counseling, marriage mentoring, parenting, church planting, church leadership, premarital counseling, and more.


But still, your marriage challenges feel very unique to you. And even though they feel unique, your challenges are actually not entirely unique.

We have been working with couples for over 25 years and when we say that we have seen it all, we mean it. Here is an abbreviated list of the marriage challenges we have helped couples to work through:

  • Communication challenges
  • Conflict and escalating tension in a marriage
  • Defensiveness
  • Anger
  • Stonewalling
  • Intimacy struggles
  • Lying and trust issues
  • Different life goals
  • Parenting challenges
  • Selfishness
  • Lack of support for each other
  • Unforgiveness
  • Infidelity
  • and more…

Yes, we can help you too. If you want a marriage that honors God better than what you are doing now, we can help!
2. What is marriage coaching like?
We have always been big fans of marriage coaching. We would define "marriage coaching" as a goal-oriented process of having another couple who is more experienced than you to come alongside you and your spouse to help you both see things you have missed and to help you see them from a fresh, new perspective — a perspective that is actually helpful.

Since we are used to working with couples from all across America, we will conduct coaching sessions over Zoom video with very few exceptions.

Sessions typically begin by following up on things that were discussed in the previous session and determining the benefit to your marriage. Sometimes, we will help you work through a recent conflict or disagreement and teach you how to work toward future resolution in the process. We will always unpack the things that were helpful and celebrate those together with you. After that, we will continue working on your marriage goals and reassessing your progress along the way.

When you reach your marriage goals, we may decide collectively that you are done or we may decide to reduce the frequency of our sessions together.

All things considered, our clients overwhelmingly enjoy working with the two of us, and they enjoy the process as well. Sure, there will be some conflict along the way since that is what we are helping with, but overall this is a very enjoyable process — especially once you realize how long you have been stuck in the same place in your marriage and that you are finally making progress together!
3. How much does marriage coaching cost?
We charge $200 per coaching hour (typically 50-55 minutes), which we also refer to as a coaching session. Most of the time, we will prefer that we all work together (both of you and both of us) to help your marriage thrive. This means the two of us will be meeting with the two of you most of the time. There are times when individual sessions are extremely helpful as well.

You are likely contacting us about marriage coaching either because nothing else you have tried has improved your situation OR because someone you know has told you about the great work we do with couples.

If nothing else has worked, it may be precisely because you have tried your best
not to spend any money to get your marriage back on track — how has that worked for you so far? Maybe it's finally time for you to stop wasting time, get serious about living your best life with your spouse, and devote some time and money to getting the help your marriage needs to thrive.

If you have heard about us from someone else, we are humbled and honored. We work hard to help others have God-honoring marriages and every time we accomplish this, we all win! A wise fisherman once said, "A rising tides raise all ships." We think this applies well to marriages too.

We do not bill insurance companies, and we know that this will make it more difficult for some of you to make a decision. We are sorry about that. We have chosen to spend
NO time working with insurance companies so we can spend more time with our clients. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for "out of network therapy," but it would be up to you to understand how that works and to submit your own reimbursement requests to them.
4. Do Brad & Tami work with all couples?
At this time, we are only working with committed Christian couples. We feel strongly that Christians should have the best marriages and this is where we have unique strengths, and this is where our time is best spent. We also feel strongly that our calling is to help others to honor God with and through their marriages.

When working with a committed Christian couple, there is a common language and a common motivation that we can tap into to help your marriage to thrive sooner than we could otherwise.

This is a win for all involved since we are working in our sweet spot to help you find your sweet spot in marriage again.

Whether you are newly married or have been married for over 50 years, if you are a committed Christian couple, we can help you to get back on track and to stay there.
5. How can we get started?
Below, you will find a Marriage Coaching Inquiry Form. Filling out this form will allow us to make sure that we have room on our schedule for you and that we are a good fit for each other.

Once we receive that form from you, we will typically get back to you in a few days. If we are a good fit for each other and have room on our coaching schedule, we will send you a link to fill out a consent form, to make an appointment on our online schedule, and to attach a credit card to that appointment for future payment. Attaching your credit card means more time for us to work together because there is less time dealing with payment issues.

The consent form is required due to Tami's licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist in the State of California. Rest assured, we have worked hard to make this simple for you. It takes most couples less than 15 minutes to complete and submit the consent form and to make your first appointment with us.
6. Are all marriage coaching sessions done via Zoom?

Since we are working with couples from all over the country, Zoom meetings (video) just make the most sense.

For those of you who live in our local area of Southern California and think you would prefer to meet in person, we would rarely be able to do so since we are often traveling. Being able to meet via Zoom will feel very comfortable and engaging for you both and will allow us to meet consistently. We are convinced that this will be very convenient for you as well.

When you are ready to see if we are a good fit for each other, click the button below to fill out and submit our online Marriage Coaching Inquiry Form.

What people are saying about us…

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  • My husband has known Brad and Tami since he was a teen. Both have guided him through many challenging stages in his early 20s. We didn’t have to think twice when we chose Brad to marry us, and both him and Tami to provide premarital counseling. Often times there is a stigma to have a perfect marriage, Brad and Tami taught us how to embrace the imperfections and make our marriage perfect for "team us." Through their guidance, real life experiences, and books, we have learned the necessary building blocks to a successful marriage.

    — Joey & Maloree Nigg —

  • It's been hard for us to find credible marriage coaches. Most people talk a big game but can't deliver. Tandem Marriage is different. Brad and Tami are a real couple who have had real struggles. They overcame their struggles and did a great job and helping us with our struggles. I'd say they are the real deal. We received practical tools and practical help. We have never been happier or in a better place than we are right now.

    — Matt and Susie Nikitin —

  • Tandem Marriage Coaching with Brad and Tami Miller has been a game-changer for my wife and I! Even after 29 years of marriage, we finally committed to seeking professional support. We wish we would have done this decades ago! The healing and growth that we both have experienced is due largely to Brad's and Tami's insights, wisdom, guidance, tender care, and advice. This marriage coaching service is worth every penny of the investment and we would enthusiastically recommend anyone, at any stage of marriage, to commit to it!

    — Pastor Brian Burson, Sandals Church —

  • Things had finally hit bottom for us after an argument we had. I remember the marriage coaching offered by the nice couple who talked at the Together in the Trades conference, I thought they seemed authentic and capable so I went to and filled out the information to request an appointment. By the next day, I got a phone call from Brad, we talked for a bit I answered some questions and then Brad assured me all was going to be ok. That day changed our relationship forever and we could not have made all these changes and get to a place now where we are able to communicate and move forward in our relationship without the help from Brad & Tami. We appreciate all you have done for us and all that you have taught us about ourselves and each other.

    We are forever changed.

    — Jeremiah & Krisi —

  • We met Brad & Tami through our church when we were in a rough spot. We thought we needed some communication tools, but they helped us to realize that when our conversations get heated is when we get into trouble. Brad & Tami taught us how to recognize what was happening and how to keep it from happening. We are forever grateful and happy again.

    — Hunter McCall —

Marriage Coaching Acknowledgment & Consent Form (IMPORTANT)

  • Please fill in the form below to give us consent to begin marriage coaching with you. There is a SUBMIT button on the last screen that will send this form directly to us.

  • You will need to type both sets of your initials 13 times on the consent form (sorry), but you can copy and paste if you'd like.

  • You are assuming the responsibilty for your spouse to understand what is on this form since you are essntially signing their name.

  • EXAMPLE: Since we are Brad Miller and Tami Miller, on the Consent Form we would type "BM TM" and then just copy/paste for the rest of the form.

  • After the consent form is submitted, you will see our private marriage coaching calendar. Making one or more weekly appointments on our calendar will start your marriage coaching journey! You will have an opportunity to add a credit card which will allow us to bill your card AFTER your scheduled appointment.

I understand that Brad & Tami Miller will be providing me with marriage coaching support and not Clinical Psychotherapy
I understand that Tami Miller will not be acting as my Psychotherapist, nor will she be working with me as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
I understand that if I have formerly worked with Tami Miller as a clinical therapy client, she will have sole discretion regarding taking me/us on as a marriage coaching client.
I understand that I am free to terminate marriage coaching services at any time, or request a transition to Psychotherapy, or request a referral to a Psychotherapist.
I understand that should I request a transition in working with Tami Miller, LMFT as a Psychotherapist, Tami Miller cannot provide clinical services outside of the state of California where she is licensed, nor can she promise availability with her.
I understand that Tami Miller may refer me to an outside therapist if she believes I would be better supported by a different mode of counseling service, or different level of clinical support.
I understand that email, texting, and phone calls (while generally safe and secure) cannot be guaranteed as confidential, and contacting, sending, or receiving forms or information via the internet or phone is done at my discretion and therefore I will assume any risks involved.
I understand that while I will be working with Brad and/or Tami Miller as marriage coaches, because of the license that Tami Miller holds, she is mandated to report the following:

1. Suicidal Ideation or threats to harm oneself
2. Homicidal Ideation or threats to harm someone else
3. Child abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, verbal or neglect)
4. Elder abuse (sexual, financial, physical, emotional, verbal or neglect)
5. Dependent Person abuse (sexual, financial, physical, emotional, verbal or neglect)
6. Downloading or distributing, filming, texting or sharing child pornography, sex with minors (a minor is any person under the age of 18)
I understand that Brad & Tami Miller provide marriage coaching sessions via internet video (usually Zoom) or phone (as a back-up) and it is my responsibility to keep track of my sessions and join in on the scheduled day and time of my session.
I agree to the life coaching session fee of $200 per session (typically 55-minutes), and understand that the fee is due and payable no later than 3 days before each coaching session. (You will be reminded of this cancellation policy when you pay for sessions.)
I agree to honor my scheduled sessions and understand that the cancellation policy requires me to cancel at least 72 hours in advance of my session or the full fee is due.
I agree to honor contact boundaries outside of my marriage coaching sessions. This means you are welcome to send us brief emails and updates, but should not expect any immediate response. This also means that most longer emails would be better addressed in a session. If you aren't sure, just ask.
I agree to assume any risk and liability as the result of my marriage coaching work with Brad & Tami Miller and my initials below confirm that I am working with them at my own request, and that I clearly understand the difference between marriage coaching and Psychotherapy services.
I understand that I am exercising my own choice to work with Brad & Tami Miller. Furthermore, any life choices I make following our coaching sessions are my choices alone and any consequences of my choices, positive or negative, are mine alone, and that I will not legally hold Brad Miller or Tami Miller personally or professionally responsible for my coaching outcome and choices, nor will I hold Tandem Marriage or Restoration Counseling Service or any other person, organization, structure, assets, or affiliates associated personally or professionally with Brad Miller or Tami Miller legally or financially liable for the results of my choices and my work with Brad & Tami Miller.

I have had the opportunity to ask any questions and they have been answered clearly:
That's it!

This Marriage Coaching Consent Form, together with your first appointment, will serve as your authorization to start marriage coaching with us. Are you ready to start this journey toward a better, more-fulfilling marriage?

Click SUBMIT below to send us your consent form and get the link to schedule your marriage coaching session(s).
We received your Marriage Coaching Acknowledgment & Consent Form at Tandem Marriage headquarters!

We truly believe that when it comes to marriage, we all need mentors to help us get to the next level. We have had some great mentors too!

Thank you so much for trusting us to help with your marriage, your trust means the world to us.

Brad & Tami

P.S. Here is the scheduling and payment link. Since you are responsible to schedule your own appointments, we will not be able to start marriage coaching until you have made your first appointment.

Our Online Scheduling Calendar for Coaching

Use this private link (the web address above) any time you would like to schedule a marriage coaching session with us. This link gives you direct access to our private calendar, so we don't share this on the public portion of our site.

Feel free to bookmark this web address for your future use. The blue button below only serves as a backup in case our calendar widget (below) is not displaying properly on your browser.

How to use Square Appointments / Payments
(click on any heading for more info)

1. Can I manage my own appointments?
We are so glad you’ve asked! YES, YOU CAN!

Yes, we prefer that you do make and cancel your own appointments because it is quicker for you and for us too. We do have the appointment widget embedded in our page (above), but you can also use the dark blue button below to go directly to our Square appointment and payment page (non-embedded) anytime you need to. It is essentially the same page!
Here is a step-by-step tutorial:
First, use the dark blue button below to go to the non-embedded version of our appointments page.
Second, sign in (top, right corner) and click on the "My appointments" link. (See below)
Third, under "Upcoming appointments," click on the "View details" link of any appointment that you want to reschedule or cancel. (See below)
Lastly, you will see links to either "Reschedule appointment" or "Cancel appointment" or "Book another appointment". You will not see "Cancel Appointment" if you are within the 72-hour no-cancel window. (See below)
That's it! 👍🏼
2. What should I expect once my credit card is on file?
First, we need to have gained your trust if you are going to let us help with your marriage. Therefore we would NEVER do anything to break that trust by abusing your credit card. Having your credit card saved to your Square payments account simply allows us to seamlessly charge your credit card for your appointments without having to utilize any more of your time AND it's pretty quick for us too. After your appointment, it only takes us about 30 seconds to run your credit card if you have added it to your scheduling profile. That allows us to focus more on our time together and less on payment details.

Plain and simple!
3. How do I change or update the credit card that is used to make payments?
First, use the dark blue button below to go to the non-embedded version of our appointments page.
Second, sign in (top, right corner) and click on the "My appointments" link. (See below)
Third, click on the "View my profile" link. (See below)
Lastly, you will see links to either "Add a card" or "Delete" any card currently on file. (See below)
That's it! 👍🏼

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