How We Can Help… We Use Proven Methods!

Of the hundreds of couples we have worked with over a span of about 30 years, most couples will initially report that they are having "trouble with communication." We would be willing to bet this is how you would describe things in your marriage too. After we get to know these couples and dig a bit deeper, we almost always discover that increased conflict is leading to decreased communication.

While most couples want to talk about a seemingly easy fix for their marriage that involves some basic communication skills, this usually only gets them out of hot water for a short time – they soon begin to argue again. On the other hand, we have found that once we teach a couple how to resolve conflict better, their communication instantly improves. How cool is that?

Why do most marriage mentors and teachers talk about communication much more than they will ever talk about managing conflict? Because managing conflict is not nearly as sexy as learning some communication skills. We have never been good at telling couples what they want to hear, we would rather tell them what they need to know. This is how we can help you too.

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You want to love your marriage again. We can help.

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