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We all struggle with ways to show our sweeties how much we love and adore them.
And, none of us has the time needed to sit around and think this stuff up.

Well, we have the time and we have done it for you.
This idea is seriously so fun!

— Lover's Sticky Notes —

This is a 7 page PDF template that you download and use to make some cute and steamy love notes. This takes fun and foreplay to a whole new level.
You need a printer (color or black & white) and some 3x3 sticky notes (Post-it brand notes or any other brand should work). We are providing the rest.
This will take most people 15-20 minutes.
These sticky notes are just plain fun!
I have been leaving all around our house for Tami to find; in her purse, in her office, on the mirror in the bathroom, even on the refrigerator. It has been my goal to shower her with love and affection over the past few days by leaving these notes for her.

And it's been working. She knows how loved she is!

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If just one of these love notes brings a smile to your spouse's face, it's so worth it!.
We are giving you 24 unique notes in all (and you can make them multiple times) so that's lots of smiles.

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I didn't have the time to take great pictures of these, my apologies. Nonetheless, you should get the idea about how seriously fun these are by looking at these photos.

You can use any color of Post-It note you want to, but you will notice that the love notes with color graphics look the best on lighter paper. Feel free to buy several different colors of notes and experiment. Most of all, have fun. Goodness, don't miss the fun here!

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Even though we are selling the Lover's Sticky Notes pack separately for $8.00, we figured out a way to give it to you for free.

If you buy our ebook bundle (at half price), we are going to give you the love notes for free.

Why would we make this ridiculous offer?
We are passionate about great marriages and we want to help others!
#TeamUs all the way.

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