Our Annual Valentines Gift Roundup

Coming up with fun, original, and even relationally beneficial Valentines Day gifts can be challenging, so we are happy to help with this year's roundup.

DreamMaster Retreat

An intimate and relationship-building weekend.

  • We are personal friends with Curt & Rhonda who lead these weekends. They are amazing!
  • DreamMaster: on Between Two Trees website.
  • We have not personally been to a DreamMaster weekend, but we understand a great deal about them.
  • You should check this one out!
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Making a 16th century Aphrodisiac Tarte

(an online class)
This will broadcast from Live from Martina Franca, Italy. How romantic is that?!

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Our Lovers Post-It Notes!

A Tandem Marriage customer favorite!

  • This will cost you less than $20 total.
  • $8 for the kit which you can download from us after purchase (below).
  • You will need to provide some 3x3 Post-It Notes (typically less than $5).
  • This idea came from years of the two of us sharing fun and steamy notes with each other.
  • If you reload this page (command-r on your Mac keyboard or Ctrl-r on Windows), you will see a 1-minute video showing how easy and fun this is.
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The Original DateBox!

The two of us subscribed to this service for several years. It was so fun!

  • Subscription date boxes starting at $8.
  • DateBox info: This will take you to the DateBox website.
  • This is one of our favorites.
  • Easy to try, easy to cancel.
  • Our most memorable DateBox was the Gingerbread House Contest.
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Laugh Again Comedy Date Night!

The is a one of a kind date night in San Clemente, CA.

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This is a 7-page PDF template that you can purchase here and download to make some clever and romantic love notes. This takes your relational fun and creative foreplay to a whole new level.

You will need a printer (color or black & white) and some 3x3 sticky notes (Post-it brand notes or any other brand should work, any color). We are providing the rest.

This will take most people 15-20 minutes.

(P.S. If you would like to see the opening 60-second video again, just RELOAD this page, which you can do by pressing control-r or command-r on your keyboard)

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We all struggle with ways to show our spouses how much we love and adore them…
But, none of us has the time needed to sit around and think up ways to make this happen.
Well, we have taken the time and we have done this for you. This idea is seriously so simple and so fun!

These sticky notes that you will make yourself (with just a little help from us) are so fun and your spouse will love them and ADORE you! I have been leaving these notes all around our house for Tami to find; in her purse, in her office, on the mirror in the bathroom, even on the refrigerator. It has been my goal to shower her with love and affection by leaving these notes for her.

And it's been working. She knows how much I love her and think about her!

Below is the entire 7 page kit including the full instructions, template page, and 24 lover's notes (4 pages with 6 notes each).

If just one of these love notes brings a smile to your spouse's face, it's all worth it!.

We are giving you 24 unique notes in all (and you can make any or all of them multiple times) so that's lots and lots of smiles.

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To get these 24 love notes…


There is a link at the bottom of this page as well as a STORE link in the menu above.

For less than the cost of of two cups of coffee, you can make this happen. One of the best things about our Lovers Post-It Notes is that YOU make them. That is the part that your spouse will love. That is also what they will say to all of their friends, "Look at these awesome love notes that my spouse made for me!"

Remember that you will need a printer, some 3x3 Post-It Notes (or any other brand of 3x3 sticky notes), and several peices of white printer paper. That's it!

You can use any color of Post-It note you want to, but you will notice that the love notes with color graphics look the best on lighter paper. Feel free to buy several different colors of 3x3 notes and experiment. Most of all, have fun. Goodness gracious, don't miss the fun here!

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You will start by printing several blank template pages like you see in this picture. Sure, you could spend a few hours measuring out your own template pages, but why would you want to do that when we have already done it for you?

Start by printing 1-3 template pages. You can always print more later. In fact, you can print these pages an unlimited number of times.

Once you have printed these pages, set them aside and move to the next step!



Carefully place your 3x3 notes on the template page. There will be six notes per page and you should align tthe 3x3 notes using the pre-measured dotted lines as your guide.

If you want to , you can even coordinate which color Post-Its end up getting printed with which love note. This is not hard to figure out and takes just an extra minute of planning.

By now, you sould already be having fun as you start to imagine where you are going to place all of these love notes.

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On your computer or device, select one of the notes pages to print, there are 4 of them in all. You will be print ON TOP of the 3x3 notes you placed on the TEMPLATE PAGE in the last step.

When you see those notes coming out of your printer, your are gonna freak out when you see what you created!



All you have left to do now, is to figure out WHERE to put these notes. Will you create some kind of scavenger hunt as your sweetie finds one note and then the next? Or, will you write a few more details on each note with a pen? How about, "To the world's most husband/amazing wife." Or, personalize the note with their name.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun. The whole point of this is for your significant other to know how much you adore them. Therefore, any time you put into this is like investing in your own future.

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Here's a few up-close examples so you can see the detail in the graphics we used. We have done all of the hard work for you.
Remember that you get to use any color of 3" Post-it Notes that you'd like!

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