We have all heard people grumble about Valentines Day as, "Just another opportunity for Hallmark to take your money." Please allow us to challenge you in your thinking because Valentines Day is an opportunity for you to do something meaningful for your spouse. Further, when you're married, you never want to miss a chance to do something meaningful!

Anyone who has been married for more than a year or two knows very well what it looks like when the honeymoon becomes a distant memory and life (with all of it's challenges) kicks in. Life can be very hard. Getting caught up in the difficulties of life can cause any husband to stop enjoying his wife the way he once did, or the other way around. Lastly, in marriage, couples are either intentional about opportunities to keep their marriage on track or they start to drift off track. There is usually no middle ground here, you are either intentional or your are drifting.

Valentines Day, as well as wedding anniversaries, are a chance for us to make a correction to our marital drifting. These special days are life's way of reminding us that we need to be intentional to invest into our most important relationships. And, you are provided with lots and lots of opportunities to do so.

A fancy greeting card that expresses your undying affection for your sweetie will set you back 5 bucks or more. Is that really worth it? If you take the time to write something personal and meaningful on the inside of the card, it is certainly worth it! When we take the time to do more than just scratch out a name on a card, it takes that 5 dollar investment and grows it into something much more valuable. Something that just might be proudly displayed on a shelf or desk that declares to all who see it, "Somebody really loves me a lot!"

And flowers are great too, but let us give you an idea for flowers that will last much longer than the typical 7-10 days. How about a marriage book filled with stories that will inspire you and your spouse to talk and connect in ways that are vital you the health of your marriage. We are suggesting a brand new book called The Heart of Marriage, edited by Dawn Camp.

This book officially released on Valentines Day 2017, and we had the opportunity to read a pre-release copy and here is what we had to say about it:

"There are lots of great books that can teach you how to have a great marriage, the how-to of marriage. But, there are not many books that can remind you why working hard to have a great marriage is so vitally important, the motivation behind a great marriage. The Heart of Marriage stands apart as a collection of marriage stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you remember why you fell in love and got married in the first place. After 30+ years of being married and working with countless other married couples, we can wholeheartedly recommend this much needed book and look forward to The Heart of Marriage inspiring couples in their marriage journeys for years to come. Well done!"

There is still time for you to order this beautiful hardcover book and let your sweetie know about it on Valentines Day. The question is really, "Why would you miss an opportunity to make your spouse feel loved and special?" And please, don't forget the Valentines Day card and candy hearts, they get really picked over when you wait too long.

You can pre-order The Heart of Marriage on Amazon here.

Lastly, we have some additional ideas (some you’ve never seen before) here that you don’t want to miss:


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