Every couple needs to spend quality time together. We refer to this as emotional connection, deep bonding, or just staying connected. We all know we need to do it, but few of us are intentional enough to pull it off. Life just seems to pulls us down and the quality of our relationships seems to wane with it.

Tami and I recently read The Heart of Marriage. This is a collection of stories from dozens of authors (some of our favorites!) which is one of our favorite types of books to read together. These anecdotes are laid-back and enjoyable to read and filled with nuggets of relational goodness. We will often read a book like this together on our porch or in front of a roaring fire and enjoy the conversation that unfolds after each short story.

This is also the kind of book that you will want to enjoy by reading it slowly and deliberately, not the kind of book you must hurry to finish so you can learn all of the information contained within its covers.

We were so impressed with this book and the connection that the two of us experienced while reading it, that we wrote to the editor, Dawn Camp. You know we are all about books that encourage healthy marriages and we wanted to let her know it!

Here is what we had to say to Dawn about The Heart of Marriage:

"There are lots of great books that can teach you how to have a great marriage, the how-to of marriage. But, there are not many books that can remind you why working hard to have a great marriage is so vitally important, the motivation behind a great marriage. The Heart of Marriage stands apart as a collection of marriage stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you remember why you fell in love and got married in the first place. After 30+ years of being married and working with countless other married couples, we can wholeheartedly recommend this much needed book and look forward to The Heart of Marriage inspiring couples in their marriage journeys for years to come. Well done!"

Well, this little endorsement of ours was included in the final printing of the book! Further, the editor sent us a copy of the book even though we had already read it together. So, Tami and I came up with a fun way to share this book with you. From now through the end of March, everyone who signs up for our email list or buys something from our web store is automatically entered to win. We will notify the winner via email (how fun if it's you) and will eventually need your address to ship The Heart of Marriage to your door or PO Box. Also, you know how much you love to stack coupons? You can find a promo code for 50% off of any TandemMarriage.com purchase here. Yes, we could be losing our minds!

We have featured this wonderful book on our Recommended Books page here. You can also find different versions of the book on Amazon here.

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