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After the Wedding, Stay Engaged.

This is the book that every marriage needs, but nobody wants.

Don't wait until you are in the middle of a crisis to admit you need help from time to time. Be proactive and save yourself so much trouble!

Our new and updated ebook, Ready to Surrender - Poor Communication in Marriage is a Battle You Can Win is now available. You can get a promo code to receive the ebook bundle for 50% OFF by going to the Ready to Surrender page here:
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1. Multiple selection
2. Library customization
3. Text editing
4. Site images (in library are warehoused)
5. Externals (editable) and Templates (non-editable)

5 little things:
1. Add a CSS class
2. Tile customization
3. Select Stacks NOT to publish in HUD
4. Notes added to HUD and stack bottom
Double-click partial in library to edit
Preferences in light or dark mode
Membership sites
MachForm to your toolkit. I use it and Sitelok
Moodle, it is free and is designed for online teaching. It is used by thousands of institutions. It handles all the log in/admin/user rights etc and has an endless list of tools to build online courses.
Take a look at Teachable. They have a free version

Videos: talk like we are in the room together
say things like, "Would you do me a favor?" or
Ask Method:
What submarkets (or buckets) do we serve
Use 1LD Siphon
Use quizzes

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