Why Do We Do This?

In a nutshell, helping others is our way of giving back. There have been many in our past and present who have helped us over the years, some were paid professionals who were worth every penny we spent and some gave away their time and expertise, only requiring us to go and do the same – so we always have.

Additionally, we are both blessed to have day jobs in our counseling center which is how we pay our bills. This gives us both an opportunity to pour into others and their marriages in ways that often do not require us to get paid.

There is an old saying, "A rising tide, raises all ships." For us this means that the more we can help to raise the bar on having a great mamrriage, the more that mentality spills over into the lives of others. To say it another way, we do better by helping you to do better.

That is the kind of WHY, our reason, that we can live with!

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You want to love your marriage again. We can help.

we can help by giving back to you

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